About Us

Our Mission

Transform, Enhance, and Elevate the protective style experience.

We Promise

The highest quality products with premium ingredients that are natural, safe, and proven effective.

Our Values

Our core values are quality, innovation and customer service.

Our Story

4Tress hair products were created out of both, necessity and frustration. My name is Nat and I am a working mom who is always on the go. I needed a hair and scalp care routine that was both convenient and effective. While there were plenty of products to choose from for hair, there were very few that were effective on my scalp. I found myself purchasing a variety of oils and pouring them into hair coloring bottles/jars which, were messy and created waste. Controlling how much oil was placed in between my parts was impossible, and theinconsistency of product quality was simply inadequate.

I reached out to a friend, whose manufacturing company had unique applicators for his products, and asked him to have his team of experts blend nourishing oils for my scalp.

We spent the next three years researching and perfecting a mixture of the finest natural ingredients, all designed for healthy hair and scalp. We then added a special CBD blend to the formula to reduce the immense pain I felt after braiding my hair.

I started to share my story and products with my friends and family and word got around. Soon they convinced me to take the products to market.

I describe myself as an accidental entrepreneur, who is proud to share 4Tress products with you.

4Tress is a minority, woman-owned business enterprise.